The 'Korea Open International Taekwondo Competition' (hereafter referred to as the Taekwondo Competition) being held in Chuncheon, Gangwon, decided to demolish the outdoor facilities in preparation for the 6th typhoon 'Kanun' north.According to Chuncheon City and the event organizing committee on the 8th, it was decided to temporarily remove 25 booths (tents) prepared outdoors in front of the event site through a meeting on countermeasures against typhoons held at City Hall that day.The Taekwondo Championships, which marked its 14th this year, started with the opening ceremony the previous day and began to compete in earnest from this day.Although the game is held indoors at the Hoban Gymnasium and is not significantly affected by the typhoon, it is judged that safety problems may arise in the outdoor experience center and Taekwondo-related promotional booths entered as auxiliary facilities.Accordingly, 카지노사이트킹 while the typhoon passed, a plan was devised to temporarily demolish the booth and reinstall it again.However, outdoor large tents (15m wide, 70m long) used as restaurants, etc., are operated by reinforcing facilities so that they are not shaken by strong winds.About 3,200 players from 60 countries participated in this event, making it the largest ever since the first event in 2000.Of these, foreigners accounted for 48%, or 1,545 people.Along with this, Chuncheon City decided to deploy emergency workers to the drainage pumping station and rainwater pumping station in case of typhoon landing and heavy rain.
In addition, inspections will be strengthened for existing rockfalls, road subsidence areas, construction sites, reservoirs, and urban rivers.
An official from the organizing committee said, "We will keep a close eye on the situation and respond promptly to ensure there are no disruptions to the game, such as taking additional measures for facilities depending on the degree of impact of the typhoon."

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