2023-2024 English Professional Football Premier League (EPL) at the Emirates Stadium in London on the 24th (Korea time)

Tottenham and Arsenal continued their unbeaten streak of six consecutive games (four wins and two draws) in the opening game with a draw.

Son Heung-min, who scored his first to third goals of the season with a hat trick against Burnley in the fourth round, was silent in the fifth round against Sheffield, but was responsible for two goals alone in the “North London Derby” against Arsenal.

With multiple goals on the day, Son Heung-min scored 199 goals in his personal career at the European stage, leaving only one goal to reach his 200th goal.

In addition, Son Heung-min scored his seventh goal (6 goals in the regular league, 1 goal in the cup) in 19 personal games (17 games in the regular league, 2 games in the cup) against Arsenal.

Tottenham launched a 4-2-3-1 tactic against Arsenal with Son Heung-min as its front-line striker.

Three minutes into the first half, Son Heung-min slightly changed his direction from the left side of the net to the left foot of Yves Bissouma’s right foot shot near the penalty arc and shook the net, but the goal was invalid as the assistant referee’s offside flag went up first.

The first goal was taken by Arsenal.

Arsenal was sucked into the net in the 26th minute of the first half when Bukayo Saka’s left-footed shot from the right side of the penalty area deflected off Tottenham defender Christian Romero’s foot. Romero scored his own goal.

Tottenham, which rarely had a chance due to Arsenal’s strong forward pressure, scored the equalizer in the 42nd minute of the first half with a counterattack, and the main character was Son Heung-min.

Son Heung-min scored the equalizer by changing the direction of James Madison’s cutback from the left side of the goal area to his left foot. It was his fourth goal of the season.

Tottenham, which finished 1-1 in the first half, hit defender Romero’s arm in the 5th minute of the second half when Arsenal’s left-footed turning shot attempted Ben White was mixed at the gate.

The referee declared a penalty kick through VAR, and Arsenal led 2-1 again in the 9th minute of the second half when Saka scored as a penalty kicker.

Romero allowed an own goal and a penalty kick for a handball foul, providing all the excuses for losing the game.

But Tottenham didn’t collapse easily. A minute later, the goal was scored again, and Son Heung-min was the main character again.토토사이트 모음

Son Heung-min took the pass given by Madison in a counterattack situation and scored with a right-footed shot from the front of the penalty area to balance it 2-2.

Son Heung-min scored his fourth and fifth goals of the season, all of which were helped by Madison.

Son Heung-min and Madison were replaced by Hicharlissong and Pierre-Emile Hoibier in the 34th minute of the second half, respectively.

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