The winner of the survival game. The last puzzle is left

It’s higher than the batting average in the 2nd division.” Back up when Ha Joo-seok comes? You’re welcome…The winner of the survival game. The last puzzle is left

But you’re welcome. Hanwha Eagles all-weather infielder Lee Do-yoon (27) is creating a breakthrough season with only his skills.

Lee Do-yoon, who had a batting average of .246 in the first half, became a different person in the second half. He batted .366 with 13 points, seven RBIs and three steals in 26 games. In the match against Samsung on the 22nd, Oh Seung-hwan hit his first home run of the season and his second career home run.

OPS exceeds 90% (0.493 + 0.408 on-base percentage). He is raising his pace sharply with a batting average of 379 in August. He played as a substitute against Samsung on the 22nd and recorded a multi-hit, raising his season batting average to .292.

A face where you can be greedy for your first batting average season.

Lee Do-yoon, who is practicing infield defense.
The match against Samsung in Daejeon on the 22nd showed Lee Do-yoon’s presence as an indispensable player.

Hanwha, which had been drawn 0-1, made a winning move in the bottom of the seventh inning.

He put Lee Do-yoon as a pinch hitter in the leadoff Oh Sun-jin’s at-bat. He lived up to the bench expectations with a leadoff hitter hit.

Runner Lee Do-yoon was also full of sense.

When the ball slightly fell out from the first pitch of No. 9 Jang Jin-hyuk’s at-bat in the first and second bases with no outs, he immediately started and occupied third base. It was the decisive scene that shook Buchanan.

Buchanan, who was driven to first and third bases with no outs, later collapsed by allowing two runs with a walk, wild pitch, and a balk. Lee Do-yoon’s hit and sensible base play were crucial.

The 2023 KBO League match between the Hanwha Eagles and the Doosan Bears was held at Hanwha Life Eagles Park on the 3rd. Hanwha Lee Do-yoon is hitting a two-run triple in the bottom of the seventh inning with one out and runners on first and second base.

Kim Ji-chan’s surprise bunt in the top of the eighth inning, which succeeded in turning the game around 2-1, quickly entered the first base cover and caught a fast batter after a video reading. He then quickly threw Kim Hyun-joon’s pitcher’s bending grounder to the running throw and caught the fast Kim Hyun-joon after a video reading. It was two decisive defensive contributions.

Lee Do-yoon went out as the leadoff hitter in the bottom of the ninth inning, which was losing 2-5, and hit his first home run of the season and his second solo home run of his career against Oh Seung-hwan, signaling that he has no intention of stepping down easily. First home run of the season.

an air-to-air performance. The day was markedly different from Ha Joo-seok, who made a decisive mistake in the ninth inning with two outs and runners on second base with a 2-1 lead as a substitute due to a major defense. In the end, on the 23rd, the next day, Ha Joo-seok was eliminated from the first division. The public’s expectation that “If Ha Joo-seok comes, he will be pushed back to backup” was not right. Although there was a gap between Ha Joo-seok, the winner of the competition was Lee Do-yoon anyway.

However, he also mentioned what needs to be supplemented to become a bigger player. It is to improve on-base ability such as walks.

Coach Choi said, “Lee Do-yoon’s weakness is his pioneering eyes. As a result, the on-base percentage is not that high compared to the batting average,” he said.

His batting average is .292, and his on-base percentage is .342. He is a player who can have greater value if he increases his on-base percentage through fast feet and sophisticated hitting.

A nine-year infielder who won the first round of competition. He only left a task about the gap on-base percentage.


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