IGT Expands Canadian Footprint With Ontario Premium E-Bingo Launch

International Game Technology is well known as one of the game leaders and its constant pursuit of new development opportunities has brought it to Canada’s lottery sector. IGT is committed to diversifying its e-bingo offerings and diversifying offerings in that area through partnerships with Ontario Lottery and gaming companies.

Canadian lotto lovers will now have the opportunity to enjoy the premium e-bingo action offered by none other than the international leader. Thanks to the extensive gaming venues overseen by OLG individuals across Ontario, you will have the opportunity to test their luck at one of the 12 charity gaming venues that will feature e-Bingo titles and try them.

Players ready to welcome new products
Some of the e-bingo offerings aimed at attracting as many players as possible are famous games that love the legacy of Bengal Eyes, Golden Roosters and Pharaohs. They will start operations at 12 locations that offer other interesting games such as e-Bingo, Taptics Electronic Brake Open Tickets and Play On Demand (POD) games that successfully update traditional games.

IGT’s decision to further develop in the Ontario market and claim a place in the bingo sector was taken into account as regulations overseeing the site mandated lottery winnings should not be taxed, meaning players are prepared to receive the full amount of the claimed winnings. The charitable nature of gaming activities is another positive trait that leads people to try it.

In addition, individuals are generally attracted to the services provided by OLG because the revenue generated is guaranteed to be reinvested to improve the region and to benefit the community. The horse racing industry can also benefit enormously from OLG’s operations.

Expect future expansion
IGT, on the other hand, is already familiar in the field because it provides a platform for purchasing iLoty online tickets, facilitating the entire process. Meanwhile, we work with OLG to oversee legal poker operations that are well aligned with the introduction of the new e-Bingo. Prior to this new introduction, leading vendors were specialized in providing interactive systems that included everything on the platform. 슬롯게임

In an attempt to further personalize the entire experience, the IGT is targeting its audience accurately with a title that draws attention and appeals to the crowd. As e-bingo operations begin in earnest across Ontario, other provinces are expected to welcome them, bringing exciting offerings closer to people.

In October, IGT partnered with British Columbia Lottery Company to facilitate future operations with leading software provider Netent. This partnership ensured the smooth transition and implementation of some of Netent’s various portfolios. In the coming months, IGT’s footprint will be expanded across Canada.

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